Arthur Agatston - South Beach Diet Inventor Creates School Lunch Plan

Monday, September 18 2006 at 16:49

MIAMI SHORES, Fla. -- A whole new era in school lunches has begun as the man who invented the South Beach Diet implements a new nutrition plan that kicked off in a handful of Miami-Dade County elementary schools this year.

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Healthier Options for Public Schoolchildren - The School-Lunch Test

Monday, September 18 2006 at 16:44

It was not yet 11 a.m. at the Partin Settlement Elementary School in Kissimmee, Fla., on a sunny day last October. But lunch service necessarily begins early when there are 838 children to feed, and the meal was already well under way. Danielle Hollar walked calmly amid the lunchroom chaos, holding a large, raw, uncut sweet potato in one hand and a tray filled with tiny cups of puréed sweet potatoes in the other. That Hollar does not get frazzled even among hundreds of jabbering children is one of the talents she brings to her job. That she is tall and blond and slim, and many of the students seem to have school-kid crushes on her, is another.

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Dr Arthur Agatston - South Beach Diet Creator Offers Advice

Tuesday, May 30 2006 at 13:37

For years, Arthur Agatston says, experts offered conflicting advice about what constituted a healthy diet.

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South Beach Diet Information - Study Doubts Glycemic Index

Tuesday, May 30 2006 at 13:34

Diets that distinguish between "good carbs" and "bad carbs," are not an effective way of controlling blood sugar levels, a new study suggests.

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Kraft Foods and South Beach Diet

Kraft South Beach Diet Products - Kraft Introduces South Beach Diet Foods To Vending

Friday, March 3 2006 at 10:27

Eating The South Beach Diet(tm) way has just gotten easier! South Beach Diet foods from Kraft will now be available in vending machines across the country. Featured vending products include new hot breakfast choices in three varieties, perfect for starting the day right. Available in Denver-Style, Southwestern-Style, and All American, these protein-rich frozen wraps make breakfast delicious, nutritious and convenient -- great for on-the-go and microwavable in just two minutes.

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