south beach diet

south beach diet

South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet - the diet that everyone's talking about! "I want to lose weight" - here's a wish that most people are saying either on Mondays or after holidays, and especially when there are problems with buttons and zippers, and clothing size begins with unknown X.

The idea to keep a diet is the first that comes to our mind, we make firm promises, start by giving up bread or sweets, starve us, browse through magazines, ask friends, in other words, we begin to torture ourselves. Under these circumstances, we either do not get results or get some short-term ones, so that we end up regaining the lost pounds and extra ones too ("yo-yo" effect).

The patients of dr. Arthur Agatston, a famous cardiologist, underwent the same experience, which is why he decided to come up with a proper weight loss program, enabling the excess pounds loss while enjoying the pleasure of eating. Basically, you will be able to take pleasure in the normal portions of meat, poultry and fish. You will eat eggs, cheese, nuts and vegetables. Snacks are mandatory. You will learn to avoid harmful carbohydrates such as white flour, white sugar and potatoes. And the main advantage is that you will firstly lose the belly, sorry, I mean the extremely unsightly fat around the waist!

South Beach Diet leads to spectacular results (loss of 4 to 7 kilos in the first 2 weeks!). Lose weight healthy, lose weight the smart way, this is dr Agatson's proposal, who says: "A diet is useless if it cannot be kept." With this motto, SB Diet has gained a sensational popularity and conquered people worldwide, now reaching out to you too.

Thanks to South Beach Diet, you have now the opportunity to be one of the slender persons.

The Diet of the Year: The Diet Solution Program

Isabel de Los Rios is the author of The Diet Solution Program and the Owner of New Body – Center for Fitness and Nutrition in New Jersey. In my opinion, her site is a MUST-SEE for everyone that cares about their health and that of their loved ones, and wants to finally fully understand nutrition and how to get a lean body for life. The Diet Solution Program is not just another weight loss scheme or extreme diet. It is truly the only way to lose weight and enjoy a lifetime of health. The Diet Solution Program is perfect for people who have struggled with their weight their whole life and are sick and tired of programs that just don’t work long term. If you really want “The TRUTH” when it comes to losing fat… no fads, no pills, no starvationThe Diet Solution Program is definitely for you. Check out lots of free recipes, videos and tips on her site.
Isabel de Los Rios

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