South Beach Celebrity Diet

South Beach Celebrity Diet has many followers among famous people such as Bill Clinton, Oprah or Bette Midler.

The South Beach Celebrity Diet's fame is sustained by notorious personalities, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, the actress Kim Cattrall from “Sex and the City”, Bette Midler, the singer Lorna Luft, Nicole Kidman, Troy Aikman.

After having tried numerous other diets, it seems that Oprah has found the one for her: she eats no white bread, white rice, white flour products, sugar, pasta, and potatoes. She allows in her diet whole wheat pasta and breads in moderation. Another secret is exercising.

Bette Midler has obtained truly amazing results of which she was astonished herself, remarking on one occasion she had lost three pounds in three days. She also admitted she would need more exercise to get fit and stay fit.

Sources tell that Bill and Hilary Clinton are also on the South Beach Diet. Bill Clinton reportedly renounced junk food and lost weight improving his looks (he is said to have lost 35 pounds).

For Troy Aikman going on South Beach diet resulted in a 10 pound loss.

Lorna Luft confessed the diet worked for her although it had not been easy.

To stay fit, Kim Cattrall combines the diet with exercise. Although not depriving herself, she mentioned avoiding sweets, fatty meats and wheat and drinking lots of water.

Of course it is easier for such personalities to follow this diet as they have assistance from personal cooks, fitness trainers and many others. The diet is also very strongly motivated by the fact that such public persons have a multi-million dollar reputation linked to size and shape.