South Beach Diet Questions

Explanations of the most encountered South Beach diet questions.

This article is meant to be a survey of explanations for dieters' most encountered issues, the most common South Beach diet questions, some explained by Dr. Agatston.

The portion size question
Having in view that no measurements are made, the size of a portion is up to each person's needs: you should eat in such a manner as to leave the table full and satisfied but not stuffed. A tip to achieve this safely would be to eat slowly as it takes a while for the signal that we are getting full to get to the brain.
Whether the weight loss at the end of Phase 1 is mostly water or not. Loss of water happens mainly if ketosis occurs when the body lacks completely all carbohydrate. South Beach Diet includes good vegetables and carbohydrates from the very beginning (during Phase 1 a maintenance level is advised), so this should not happen.
The effects of a slip in diet
It happens usually on holidays or special occasions that we overindulge a little. If the event is isolated and minor, meaning a cookie or something, the effect is very little on the diet. This can be a diet buster if it happens during the first phase when the cravings have not disappeared yet.
Dairy products in Phase 1
South Beach diet phase 1 was updated by adding skim and 1% milk and fat-free yogurt (up to 2 cups) to the diet as recent studies have revealed that many dairy products are associated with a decreased chance of developing pre-diabetes and with weight loss.
Differences in weight loss from case to case
Even if strictly keeping the diet rules some persons lose more weight than others. Apparently, those who lose more weight are persons who gained weight as adults.
Dairy allergies
Persons in this situation may replace dairy products only by more protein — lean meat, nuts, beans, lentils and soy dairy substitutes.
South Beach Diet supplement vitamin
Recommendations: multivitamin, omega-3 supplements and during Phase 1, Metamucil before one or more meals to help good bowel function.
South Beach Diet exercise
Benefits resulting from exercise are obtained only if exercise is sustained. Dr. Agatston's recommendations are a minimum of 20-30 minutes, 5 days per week. The exercise has to be first of all made on a regular basis even if it is simple (running, walking).
Phase 1 caffeine restriction
It is not absolute. In some cases caffeine stimulates insulin production and thus generate cravings, but Dr. Agatston believes that coffee drinking would not constitute a major problem and should not be strictly confined for those who are essentially dependent.
Lose cravings
Some people experiment difficulties when switching to Phase 2 because the cravings reappear. This effect might be diminished by trying to reintroduce carbs slower and experimenting different foods that contain carbs until the ones that do not rekindle cravings are found.
Phase 1 maximum duration
Dr. Arthur Agatston recommends a maximum of 3 to 4 weeks. If staying on Phase 1 too much and losing too much weight too rapidly results in losing bone and muscle mass. If this happens, fewer calories will be burnt while sleeping. That is why exercise is recommended, to help maintain muscle and bone mass and therefore a higher metabolism (as bones and muscles are metabolically active).