The South Beach Diet Success Story

Presently, the South Beach diet success story is a reality.

A great part of the South Beach Diet success is achieved by providig the user the possibility of a friendly approach. A great help for dieters is the South Beach Online site by the easy-to-use, personalized tools it provides:

  • South Beach Diet Weight Tracker: is a personalized tool that gives you feedback on your progress in the diet.
  • South Beach Diet Nutrition Tool and Meal Planner: provides daily menus (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks).
  • South Beach Diet Shopping List Generator: lists ingredients automatically.
  • South Beach Diet Personal Journal: helps you keep an online diary of your progress and find out what other dieters do.
  • South Beach Diet Message Boards: are real motivators, helping you keep in touch with other dieters, get advice, motivation, and support.

That South Beach Diet does work is proven by the success stories of many dieters. For example, someone states that her total cholesterol level dropped from 253 to 199 being on South Beach diet.

The blood sugar control test (A1C) of another person decreased after two months of South Beach Diet from 14.4 to 9.7.

A very good effect was also registered with blood pressure: persons who had a history of really high blood pressure improved it only after 6 months of diet, obtaining normal results at BP analysis, and no longer needed medication.

Another South Beach diet success story is that of a woman of 5 feet 4 inches and 255 pounds who reached 134 pounds in a few months'time. Her triglyceride level had a remarkable lowering from 270 to 98.

These are samples of some South Beach diet testimonials that speak in favor. The diet's history is quite recent and time alone will decide on the confirmation of its long-term success or, on the contrary, its insuccess.