south beach diet

south beach diet

South Beach Diet Phase 2

On South Beach diet phase 2 only good carbs are reintroduced — low GI foods.

After the two weeks of Phase 1 many are tempted to stay on phase 1 as it has very good results on weight loss.

It is strongly recommended to get to phase 2 after phase 1 — only two weeks. Dr. Agatston's advice is not to maintain phase 1 for too long because the danger is to lose all results from phase 1.

South Beach diet phase 2 aspects

  • During phase 2 the weight loss is much slower, 1-2 lbs/week, that is why people tend to prolonge phase 1 of the diet but cannot strictly observe the eating rules so they cheat — a chip here, a cookie there and so on — losing what they gained during Phase 1. Besides, the body needs the nutrients that are reintroduced during phase 2.
  • The slower loss of weight is healthier and will keep the weight off. The accumulated fat is not the result of a short period of time therefore, its correction will need time.
  • Reintroducing the carbs and only good carbs should be done gradually, as big amounts of carbs reintroduced all at once will put back on the weight lost during phase 1. Foods containing healthy carbs are back into your diet: fruit, sweet potatoes, whole grain bread, whole grain rice, whole wheat pasta, but not all at once! Start with one piece of fruit a day for lunch or dinner, and continue with some cereal or a piece of bread.
  • The second phase of the diet has no time limits and should be maintained until the desired weight is obtained.

Major changes

  • on the body level — the way your body reacts to foods that make you overweight is being corrected;
  • on your mentality on eating: all cravings for bad foods slightly disappear. The results consist not in eating less but in the fact that you are eating now fewer of the foods that start craving and store excessive fat. Foods with a high content in carbohydrates will be avoided — that is not totally banned but not eaten on a permanent basis.

Should some weight be put back, switch back to Phase 1 until you lose it.

Mind this: For a successful reintroduction of carbs into diet choose only foods with a low GI — whole grain breads, high-fiber cereal, apples, berries, grapefruit — instead of those with a high GI — white bread, pasta, cakes or cookies.

Once the goal reached you can turn to phase 3 and the diet becomes more permissive — thus your weight will remain constant.

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